četrtek, 10. oktober 2013

Objava, ki ti polepša dan!

Polymer secrets

Kurent on PCDailySlovenia’s Klavdija Kurent limits her polymer color palette and concentrates on textures, twists and surface treatments that tease the eye and beg to be examined by hand.
Klavdija will reveal her secrets at EuroSynergy in her Let’s Twist Againworkshop. See what she’s talking about on her Flickr pages, her blogand on Facebook.


EuroSynergy represents a new direction in polymer art and I’ll be explaining which direction we’re headed with the opening speechentitled Those who tell the stories rule the world. The promo photos show someone who looks like she knows her stuff. The secret is that I rely on you, dear readers.
Isn’t it time you took a chance too? If I go out on a limb with my predictions, you can surely join me on that limb by showing your art. You can enter your artwork in the IPCA Awards competition from now until mid-January. Here’s the how-to-apply information.

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